Make Fitness Fun:

When an hour of action feels like 15 minutes of play,
fun has passively run its course  ~ Unknown

Train or play, you choose

Learn fun and useful stretches.
Test personal mental focus and reactions.
Match musical rhythms with stride and footwork.
Cool down with helpful performance feedback.

Increase Engagement:

The evidence suggests that social engagement has
a direct effect [on mortality]… ~ K.M. Bennett, Ph.D.

Share, to potentially save

Tweet your training session results. all your details to track progress.

Post to Scoreloop impressive high-scores.

Invite friends from Facebook to train.

See Results:

The physically fit can enjoy their vices.
~ Lord Percival

Little actions, big resluts

Track your total number of steps.

Learn just how far you can go.

Discover how to burn calories, and feel good.

Find your personal, musical, fitness rhythm.

Motor Control:

One of the most important shared mechanisms
is rhythm and timing ~ Michael Thaut, Ph.D.

More music, more control

More music is on the way.
There will be multiple genres.
Training will be more engaging.
Tumbl our blog for more details.